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2017 Prize Recap

2017 Prize Recap

The 2017 Burlington/Oakville Bridal Show – Prize Recap

Grand Prize Giveaways

A 3 Night/4 Day All Inclusive Resort Stay at Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua courtesy of Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Winner: Sarah Turner

Burlington, ON

A $500 gift card from Barry’s Jewellers

Winner: Alex Cowan

Oakville, ON



Winner: Crystal Gose

Prize includes:
$100 gift certificate from The Hudson’s Bay Company


Bouquet Toss – Saturday

Winner: Allie Brown

Prizes Include:
Throw away bouquet provided by Uniquely Your Décor
Philips Flexcare Platinum Toothbrush from Tansley Woods Dentistry
Grown Up Girl’s Edition from About Us Games
A Free Set of Lashes Basket from Hush Lash Studio
A Wine Gift Bag from The Bridal Show


Bouquet Toss – Sunday

Winner: Emilie Anderson

Prizes include:
Throw away bouquet provided by Margo’s Flowers & Gift Shop
A $600 Gift Certificate from Olde Oakville Dental
Free Introduction Consultation & Exam from Health From Within
Gone Sailing Adventure from The Bridal Guide
Travel Toiletry Bag from The Bridal Show


Most Unique Engagement Contest

Winner: Lisa Whitman

Milton, ON

Prizes Include:
$100 gift certificate from The Hudson’s Bay Company
Free Officiant Service from Kettle Creek Weddings

Lisa’s Story:

The first time Michael and I met was at the Toronto Beaches on a beautiful summer day and the 2nd time we reconnected was at Halloween that same year where I was dressed as Brian from Family Guy (I had a big huge stuffed animal head on top of mine). He caught on to my sense of humor and continued to ask me on a date. After a couple month of dating, he informed me that he would be moving to the states for 2 years to enroll into law school. For the next 2 years we powered through a long distance relationship and constant driving back and forth. A year after he returned from school, Michael and I organized a cruise trip with both our immediate families. On the first day of the cruise we received a letter under our door saying “you have been randomly selected to participate in our Christmas cruise give away, follow the clues to win a cruise”. The first clue was talking about relaxation so we went to the spa and received a free massage complimentary of the cruise line. The next clue said go to the theatre; where we found a dozen roses. On one rose it said “bring this to dinner tonight to possibly win a trip of a life time.” At dinner that night, some gentleman dressed as a sailor handed me a final clue saying “go to the front of the ship where your finale clue will come to you.” When we went to the front of the ship, there was another man holding a box full of t-shirts. Our whole family put them on and once I unscrambled all the letters, I realized it said marry me? I turned around and found my now fiancé on one knee. He had planned the entire day, from waking up at 6 am and putting the clue under our door, to the roses, to all the t-shirts hand made by him. He put together the most beautiful day and trip for me. I couldn’t be more happy to spend the rest of my life with this incredible man!

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