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7 Reasons Why You Need to Exhibit at the Bridal Show

 The Bridal show is an exciting event, filled with eager vendors and motivated attendees. As a business owner, you know that consumer shows require time, energy and money to pull off. Applications need to be filed; booth displays created; links need to be produced from your promotion to the show marketing; maybe even hire help to work the booth; and the list goes on. Is it really worth the effort? The Bridal Show offers a unique opportunity for you, a business owner, to present your company’s offerings to the public which our media plan delivers to you on the show floor. Here are 7 solid reasons your business needs to exhibit at The Bridal show

  • Attendees are your target audience. People who you encounter at the Bridal Show are financial decision makers. They make purchasing decisions or directly influence purchasing decisions. Most attendees are paying for the privilege of getting into the event. They are motivated consumers seeking out your services…….. it doesn’t get much better than that!
  • The opportunity to network. Attending the Bridal show presents small business owners a great opportunity to meet other industry professionals. Make some friends at the show so you can refer attendees to other booths (and others can suggest your services as well). Be sure to take a bit of time to visit the other exhibitors to introduce yourself. You never know who may be your next partner or employee!
  • Assess your competition. Sure, you want to make some friends, but keep your eyes open. Study what others are offering and at what price. The more information you have, the better positioned you will be to stand out among your peers.
  • The Bridal Show is great for getting your brand in front of new potential clients. Most people you will encounter over the course of the event will not be aware of your brand…… that’s great! These people are why you are at the show. Work hard to build relationships and stay present with attendees.
  • Shows offer you a (somewhat) captive audience to try out a new product or idea and gain insight into customer reactions. Conduct a bit of your own market research with attendees. They won’t mind at all.
  • Close that sale! As mentioned, attendees are motivated consumers, and therefore prepared to buy (or gain information to make serious future decisions). The Bridal Show therefore offers you the opportunity to generate sales leads and potentially close sales in less time than a normal transaction.
  • Gain sales leads so you can follow up after the show. You automatically receive the attendees list and you may want to host a contest to gather additional contact information to follow up later. Contact these qualified leads soon after the event to maximize your trade show experience.

The Bridal show…. an amazing way to get your brand in front of new people.

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